Bellefonte Senior Center 

Quote of the day from Donna J.

"I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."
-- Fred Allen.

  • What do you call an offbeat turkey?
    A quir-key!

  • Did you hear about the guy who was found dead at a turkey farm?
    They suspect fowl play!

Until Further Notice:

Bellefonte Senior Center will be open limited hours on Tuesdays with safety precautions in place. Attendance by appointment only.  Please contact the center to sign up if you would like to attend.

BE WEll!

Here is a great web site with Live webcams from all over the world.

Monthly Activities Calendars

2021 Cape Cod Trip:

 September 19-24, 2021.

Final Payment due December 11, 2020


here's a website on Good News to keep up your spirits: